Friday, March 09, 2007

Reading Homework

We started our homework properly for the year this week. Last week we just had spelling homework but seven children forgot to bring it back! Hopefully this week we will do better. For homework this week as well as the spelling we are going to think of lots of different ways of reading and record them. We did a mind map of the ways we could think of using Kidspiration which a very cool way of quickly recording such things. You can download a free trial using the link above.

We talked some more about building on the learning of others and collaborating to make our learning even better. If you can think of any more ways we could read for homework you could add them to the comments section by clicking on the word comments below this post and we will add your ideas to the mind map.

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Anonymous said...

A great resource for tracking Reading opportunities - I am SURE you will have more than 7 pieces of homework back next time ( we will be watching from Wales to make sure ).
Mr H and Class 3H