Thursday, March 15, 2007


We had another brainstorm today to think of the ways we might do our home work this week. I bet you can think of some more home work that children could help with around the home. When you do please add to the comments in the comment section.Remember homework is due back at school on a Thursday.

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Alix said...

What a great idea...helping the children to feel responsable for some of the house tasks. Elliott will remember, I hope, that when I was staying with him, I relieved him from some of his chores...what are aunties for?? His brother Josh said that it was one reason why he was sorry I was leaving to come home! Subtle! I hope that Elliott is still doing his chores..he was very good around the house..particularly for breakfast duty..tea in bed and sometimes even pancakes! Keep up the good work.
Aunty Alix