Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Today we had great fun having our photos taken with some dinosaurs!

We used the free Augmented Reality app AR Dinopark.

The slideshows were made with the free HaikiDeck app.

To look at all our photos click on the little arrows to the left and right of the photos.

Here is Ruby with her scared face on!

Here are a couple of the stories we wrote to go with the photos.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Moturoa Monday

Today we are going to have some fun with our writing. This is a Random Story Starter. You can try your own or I will give you some random starters

Here is Marcus' story starter- 'Write a birthday party invitation for a depressed gorilla who races go-karts.'

Here is what Marcus wrote- 'I can't wait  until Jeff the gorilla gets my birthday invitation. He is really good a go-kart racing. He will be so happy because he is so depressed at the moment. His life is practically over so that's why he's coming and we are going go-karting to cheer him up.

Later in the day we are going to be learning all about bees- we are going to 'bee' using these resources...

Connected 2012

Bee Movie

Bee body parts

Hexagon Template

Hunter used the bee body parts Google Drawing that I had made to label the bee body parts.

Arthur did the same. They both did very well to log in to Google apps, copy the drawing file, label the drawing correctly and share it back with Allanah.

Here is Brooke's image too.

For news we structured our news with three frame story telling. Here is Anna's story.

And here is Sam's table tennis storytelling event.

Harrison has a broken arm so he got to use the iPad all day to do his work on. He liked that idea.

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Dot

Today we watched a video called 'The Dot' based on a book by Peter H Reynolds. Then we drew our own dots on paper and using the iPad.

Sophie is enjoying using one of Allanah's new iPad styluses.

Here are some of our dots. Click on the full screen mode on the bottom right hand corner to see our dots up close.


We are going to add them to everyone else's dots for Dot Day, 15 September.

How fabulous. We helped put Nelson and all of New Zealand on the map!

What a great collaboration!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Xanthe Writes a Great Story

Today Xanthe wrote this great story. She has only been at school a little while. Didn't she do well as she reads the story to us.

Sock Puppets at the Appleby Country Fair

Today we made a movie about one of the activities at the Appleby Country Fair. It was about a craft activity at the fair. What better iPad app to use than Sock Puppets!


Monday, September 03, 2012

Hoop Gliders

Today we had such fun making and trialling hoop gliders. Emily and Hunter's gliders went the furthest after we modified them.

Here are the instructions for making the hoop gliders. After we had made the basics we changed them to see if we could make them fly further.

Here is a video of us throwing the gliders.