Friday, August 24, 2007

Science Fair. Yay!

Last Thursday we had our science fair. Mr B has chosen heaps of science fair projects and needs to decide on 3 from ours and Pete's to go in the regional science fair. Here are some of our displays. Don't they look fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

A New Way of Showing our photos

This is a new internet way of showing off a lot of photos. It is very easy to do and free! The photos are some of the ones we took when we were sharing our American learning.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Elliott's Own Animation

The web hosting place that I put Elliott's animation made our blog go all funny and crash the page all the time so I have found another place which is kinder to our blog. Elliott- let me know if you want the new code for your own blog.

Miss K

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Jordan's Baby Brother Podcast

Towards the end of last term I gave children free reign to create podcasts of their choice and create music with Garageband. Jordan chose to make this podcast using the memorised template that we often use to scaffold our podcasts.

She had previously taken home my camera to take photos of her family's newest arrival, baby Luke. Luke is really a child of the 21st century- his first podcast!

The photo was composed using Scrapblog and captured using the wonderful new tool, Skitch.

by Miss K

Castle Quests Multiplication Game

Here is another great find I thought you would like. With this multiplication game you have to be really quick as it gets trickier as you go up through the levels.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Science Fair Projects

Lots of us have brought in our experiments and they're looking really interesting!
Here are a few things Ryan, Braden, Georgie and Frances have made.

By Jenny and Brittany

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tiny Ted is on vacation in Alabama, USA

Tiny Ted is happy and well in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, with the Chamberlain Family. Because it is summer in America all of the schools are on holidays (vacation). April Chamberlain and her family have taken Tiny Ted on holiday with her family. Here is Noah and Luke with Tiny Ted. Isn't it nice to see some summer colour. AK

Noah and Luke are taking good care of Tiny Ted and showing him the town and state. Tiny Ted even spent all night at the Birmingham Zoo with Noah for the Harry Potter Zoo Snooze.Here are Noah and Tiny Ted getting ready for the Harry Potter read!
WOW. I hope there is strong glass between Tiny Ted and the white tiger! The white tiger came extremely close to see Tiny Ted up close.

They made troll boggers, petted animals, took a night-time tour of the zoo, a midnight train ride, and fell asleep to Noah's mom reading from the new Harry Potter book. It was great fun!
Here is Tiny Ted making a troll bogger- I wonder what that is? I have never heard of it- AK!

Luke was able to visit the zoo during the day with Noah and Tiny Ted.

The Butterfly Encounter was everyone's favorite part of the day.
I see they have monarch butterflies in Alabama as well. Dr Barrie Frost would like this photo. AKThe Chamberlain Family spent the last weekend before school starts in Mobile, Alabama visiting the USS Alabama. The USS Alabama is a huge navy ship. Look at all those guns!!!!! AK
We can recognise that flag! AK
Tiny Ted got to go in all the cool places. This is the control seat for an anti-aircraft gun. AKTiny Ted needed to get in close to look through the gun site.Tiny Ted sat on this mine. A mine is like an underwater bomb- like those ones in Finding Nemo when Nemo and Dorrie met the sharks. AK
They took a ferry ride.
And explored Fort Gaines and played on the beach.

These are some huge oil rigs they saw off the coast.Tiny Ted will begin 3rd grade with Noah on Thursday at Paine Intermediate School in Trussville. His teacher, Mrs. Childs cannot wait for her new students to come. Pictures from the first day of school will be posted on Mrs. Childs' website for everyone to see and learn more about this special students. More to come soon!
It was great to see Tiny Ted again. Thanks Mrs Chamberlain for sharing him with us.
You can see the extra bits I have added in red colour.

Miss K

Monday, August 06, 2007

Inserting Sound Files

Here is my first sound file

Here is my second effort

We are learning how to embed sound files in to our blog.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Brittany's Puppies

These are Brittany's puppies. The one that Jack is holding is called Big Boy. It is his nick-name because he is so fat. They are cute because they are so little. The puppies are 3 weeks old. The one that Brittany is holding is called Squeaker. The one that Miriam, Kieran and Brittany are holding together is really cute. We like all of the puppies.