Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Tower of London

Now we moved on to visit London. We spent today having a guided tour of the Tower of London. I was expecting more of a tower but it was more castle like really. We were very impressed with it. The Tower was very beautiful really and just dripping with history of queens being beheaded and traitors being cut up in bits and spread over town. England has a pretty bloodthirsty but entertaining history.

It was a great tour and we learnt heaps.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mini-Dylan and Miss K land in Hong Kong

Miss K and Tiny Ted are on a bit of a world tour and the first stop is Hong Kong- we enjoyed a trip by junk out on the harbour.
Tiny Ted had to hold is breath with all the smog- but it was a great view over central Hong Kong from the very top of Victoria Peak. You get there by going up a very steep cable car.
At night they have this really awesome light show where a whole heap of skyscrapers all light up in time to music. Here is a photo of me waiting for the display to start.
To give an idea of how many skyscrapers there are I took this photo from out in the middle of the harbour. Hong Kong has 7 million people living in it and they just about all live in buildings like these!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

18,000 Hits

Today we rolled over a new milestone- 18,000 hits on our blog. Well done everyone.

Image from text generator

A new way to present our stuff

I am so looking forward to getting back to Appleby School and sharing all the cool things I have been learning about this year. One tool I just learnt about today is Capzles where you upload photos and movies and music and it plays a bit like a slideshow and people can leave comments.

Mr F, an educator from America, has already left a great comment for Gloria and Fynn. To play the slideshow just click on the play button.

The second item is a video- to watch it click on it to make it big.

If you want to hear my cool audio just click on the little speaker button.

To see the thing in full screen click where it says full screen on the bottom right hand side.

What do you think??