Monday, April 14, 2014

AR Dinopark

Today we had lots of fun taking dinosaur photos of ourselves using the iPad app AR Dinopark.

Here is a slideshow of our images - set to some scary dinosaur music.

Here are some of the short stories inspired by the dinosaur images...

My favourite dino is the velociraptor. They are big and ferocious. They are meat eaters and have sharp teeth.
by Zane

The famous dinosaur hunter got a phone call in 1914 about a triceratops in the Chinese jungle so he went out in his camouflage truck and began his search. Four hours later he began to hear a loud roar so he was close to it. He was actually scared.
by Mitchell

I like the tyrannosaurus. They have spikes and they are extinct. They are big and string and have very sharp teeth.
by Liam

My favourite dinosaur is the velociraptor. A velociraptor has a middle toe.
by Noah

1982. Me and my two brothers were out hunting in the jungle. We had just caught a 150 pound boar. It attracted a pack of velociraptors. Me and my brothers were fighting for our lives. One survived the fight but my brothers were killed by the vicious velociraptor so I fought that last one with my bare hands and killed it. "That's for my brothers. You beast!!!"
by Te Ranui

One day I saw a dinosaur walking along the sand. Then the dinosaur saw me and it chased me along the hot sand.
by Ethan

I was in New Zealand. I was a famous dinosaur hunter. Once I went into the desert and saw a tree. Behind it was a dinosaur. It was the most amazing thing I had seen. It looked angry. I hid behind the tree and glazed my eyes on the creature. Then it walked away and I watched the creature walk away.
by Tahana

I went back in time to the dinosaurs. I saw a T-Rex. I ran and his in a cave. I saw a pterodactyl.
by Jack

It wasn't scary at all with all those native and harmless birds in the forest. I was lost. I wasn't scared of the birds that could attack me either because I could just throw the spear I made in the woods at them. They made great food.
by Logan

I am in New Zealand. I was a famous dinosaur hunter millions of years ago. Now they are dead.
By Joe

A velociraptor was chasing me through the jungle. It was so scary. It was going to jump on me so I ran for my life. The the velociraptor jumped in the slimy swamp so I ran in the swamp too.
by Luca R

End of Term One Survey

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