Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cross Country Slideshow

Instead of clicking on this photo to get a bigger photo, click on it and it will take you to a slide-show of all of our cross country photos.This is Kieran and I running neck & neck. Kieran found himself coming fourth and it was fun.

by Dylan

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Georgina's Trophies

On Tuesday Georgina brought her 5 trophies to school. She won them by dancing with a partner. She does ballroom.
She feels happy and proud that she won them.

By Miriam and Frances.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Susa's rabbits and Elliott's guinea-pigs

Susa brought her rabbits to school arent they cute! She brought them to school on Wednesday on the same day Elliott brought his guinea-pigs! The one Elliott is holding is pregnant. The guinea-pigs are cute.
By Miriam and Frances

Our Physical Homework

Here is our homework bubble map brainstorm for this week. We can do all kinds of physical activity. It will be fun to see how we go at the Cross Country at Moturoa on Tuesday.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Our Talks about America

This week's homework was to make a little talk about an aspect of living in America. We were going to turn it into a podcast but the file would have been a big one because it was a movie, but then I had a brainwave- use the new TeacherTube video hosting website.
The best way to watch is to wait for it to play and then click play again so that it isn't all starting and stopping while it is buffering!

Hands from Around the World

These are the hands from around the world. They are from all over the world like America and Wales. Guess what we got? One of are hands back that we sent to America. It was Tyler's hand. Georgie's hand went to Wales. She was very happy that hers went to Wales. By Nicole and Tegen

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Our Homework

Georgie has put a lot of effort into her homework. She has made the Empire State Building. It is higher than Miss K.
This is Georgina's home work she has used paper mache. She has put lots of pictures of New York. It must of taken a long time.
by Tegen and Nicole

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cuddly Kiwi goes to Caerphilly Castle

Cefn Fforest hockey team went to a place called Bedwas by minibus to play in a hockey tournament. We took your Cuddly Kiwi along as a mascot... he had a brilliant time in the sun.

He was basking, taking in the sun's rays. He drew quite a crowd wondering who he was.

On the way home we took Cuddly Kiwi have a look at Caerphilly Castle - world renowned for it's leaning tower (which you can see behind his head in the photograph).

Posted by Mr H, Cefn Fforest School

Friday, May 18, 2007

We talk to Dino in Wales

To watch and listen to our podcast click on this photo of Dino. Be warned though- it is 15MB which is a lifetime on dial-up. I will play the whole conversation to you at school on Monday.
We have just got home from an awesome conversation with Dino and Bella who are in Cefn Fforest School in Wales. Mr H's class came in early to school and we came back at half past seven at night time and we had a good old chin wag. Mr B lent us his new computer with a video camera in it so we could see each other as well as talk to each other. It was so good to see that Dino and Bella are doing so well. Thanks guys.

Here is how it looked from our end. There were lots of parents too but they were a bit shy!

Dino is a big success in Wales

Here is what the children in Wales had to say about Dino's visit last night/this morning....
Dino and his sister Bella made it to Cefn Fforest, very early this morning ( at around 8.20a.m.) They are in the UK on holiday before returning to via a break in Malta ( by the pool) back to New Zealand.

We had arranged with Miss K at Moturoa to have a live Skype class to class conversation at 8.30 am - ish UK ( 7.30pm NZ time) It worked out really well from both sides (11,000 miles or so apart) - in New Zealand parents and pupils waited excitedly, while in Wales we waited excitedly for dino and Bella to arrive. The Skype chat lasted for about 30 minutes before we had to let our friends in New Zealand go to bed!!
Dino and Bella then came into our assembly at 9.15 ( Dino took loads of photo's) and they told us something about New Zealand and the things that they get up to there - they both spoke very confidently to around 200 children ( a compliment to their teachers I am sure). Before finally heading off laden down with presents and cards from their friends in Wales.
We combined their visit with our celebration party for having 1,000 visits to our ClassBlogmeister Blog, so Bella and Dino got to have an early morning party as well - cool!

Podcasting Photos

Today Ryan, Kieran and Elliott were in charge of the podcasting. This is how we do the podcasting sessions. Here is the link to their podcast about Ryan's go-karting trophies

Baby Luke

On Monday my Mum had a baby boy. His name is Luke. He is really cute. In his sleep he makes goo gaa noises. Mum had him at 3:00 in the morning. He came out bright red. Mum said he stuck out like a sore thumb.
This is Luke when he is just waking up. He will hold on to that toy in his hand all day.

By Jordan

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Message for Mr H in Wales from Dino

The Skype call with Dino at 7.30pm Friday night is all go! They have been in contact with Mr H and hopefully things will go smoothly. How exciting! Dino and family are staying in Bristol at the moment. We will have to look that up!

Note that this is half an hour earlier than the note said yesterday.

Mr H has put directions on his blog to help them find the school!

Hi Miss K and Mr H,
We hope to be visiting Mr H and his class on Friday, we have tried to e-mail the school but it has just been returned. We will ring to confirm tomorrow can you please pass this message on to them. We will try our best to be at school early at 8.15am.
Dino & Bella

Miss K

Our prize has arrived

We won a SHMAK kit for going down to the Appleby River and testing the water.
This is us trying to get the lid of the boxes. Kyle had a good look down the case for the water clarity tube to make sure we have got all the bits!
Here is the gear for testing the river. One day one of our parents will take us down in groups to the river to do some testing.

By Shania and Georgie

Monday, May 14, 2007

Our Christmas Stamps

These are our Christmas stamps we did them for our homework and they are entered in a competition. This is Georgie's stamp. It is a picture of two girls sharing mince pies.
This is Jordan's stamp of a Christmas present.
This is Jordan's as well. She did two entries.
Georgina's Christmas pukeko is in Santa boots and Santa hat!
This is Susa's Christmas kiwi. It has got ferns for its feathers.

By Shania and Georgie


On Friday Midnight came to my house. We had lots of fun. We took some photos of him eating my hazelnuts. He liked my house. He was afraid of my horse, Sam.

By Miriam and Tegen

Saturday, May 12, 2007

All Our Fish Have Names

I bought some toys for our fish and a new fish tank. The aquarium we had was rather old and all scratched. Now our overseas friends have named two of them we need to think of a name for our one. We had a vote at school today and four names seemed good- Bubbles, Lightning, Tiger and Goldy were popular but Lightning won the day!

So our fish are called Sunny, Sparky and Lightning! Thanks guys!
Miss K

Friday, May 11, 2007

Cuddly Kiwi visits a Harris Hawk in Wales

Will, a blogging buddy from Cefn Fforest School in Wales, took our travelling toy home with him when he visited his grandma.

"When Cuddly Kiwi visited my Grandma's I held Cuddly
and a Harris Hawk called Nearly because she was nearly sold. I fed the bird- he didn't eat Kiwi."

Thanks Will

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Game Goo

Here is a really cool LOUD website that looks at reading and spelling games. It is called Game Goo- Learning That Sticks. Rachel from Nelson Central School thought it was good shared it with us. Thanks Rachel.

Soccer Coaching

Last Friday George came to give us soccer lessons. It was so fun. He taught us how to do head buts too.
He taught us how to kick the ball lots of times on your foot and also how to dribble the ball.

By Tegen

Midnight Arrives Safely to Appleby School

This is Midnight. He came from Binghamton, NewYork. He is soft and cuddy. You might of seen him on the blog before.This is him on sponge plant at school by the library. We introduced him to Travelling Ted and Mini-Dylan from Wales. They liked him. He is now part of the family.
This is all of them around the bear books in the library.
By Nicole and Shania

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Fern Goes to Fort Stanwix

Fern had a great time at Fort Stanwix. He slept on the bus to get lots of energy to work.Then he marched and worked with the class. He had a chance to meet a French soldier, a colonel, and a couple of Native American scouts.
He lifted logs and stood in formation, he even used a gun. When he got tired he took a ride on a private's hat. He even took a ride on our drum.

Thanks Makiya. That was an excellent recount of what you did on your day out at Fort Stanwix.

We Won!!!!!!!

Here is the text of a letter I got in my email tonight! Remember when we entered the competition last term when we tried to monitor the health of the Appleby River??? We sent in our results and guess what???

We won!

Kia ora Allanah,

Congratulations on being chosen as one of our major prize winners for March Monitoring Month. Your project was fantastic, and your prize is a stream health test kit (SHMAK) valued at $445. I will get this to you as soon as possible along with a letter of congratulations.

Well done once again!


Aaron Fleming
Environmental Education Officer
The Royal Society of New Zealand

Our Three New Fish

Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes from all around the globe. Yes we do sing "Happy Birthday to You" with the same tune all around the world. I played the children from Wales singing me Happy Birthday in Welsh with the same tune and it was lovely. And the children of Moturoa classroom sung the song to me on Friday as well. We even have a tiny chime thing that we can take home to play if it is your birthday. For my birthday Raewyn (one of the teachers at Appleby) gave us three fish for the classroom to fill Jim's empty tank.We would like the children in Cefn Fforest School in Wales to name the silver coloured one.
And for the children in Mrs S's class in Binghamton School New York to name the gold coloured one. And we will name the other gold one with a black tip at the end of its tail.

Midnight arrived safely from New York today with much excitement. He was introduced to Mini-Dylan from Wales and will travel home with children once he has been shown around Appleby School a little more. We got straight in and started to reply to your letters. Thank you so much. We will post photos tomorrow.

Miss K

Josh's Tae Kwan Do Certificates

I do tae-kwan-do and I got a yellow belt because I got two certificates.

By Josh

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Message for Dino

Hi all, we are having a great time, we have been to the Natural History Museum, The Science Museum and Hampton Court Palace mum will e mail photos to school. We have caught up with loads of friends and even had a street party today. We miss you all and will be in touch with our friends in Wales as soon as we have a date! Dino & Bella.

Hey Dino,

Hope you are having a great time and getting lots done there on the other side of the world. We are missing you. What a clever boy you are to get a message to us through the comments. You lost the piece of paper with the phone numbers on it! I can't give you telephone numbers on the internet or anything but I can give you the phone number of Cefn Fforest School in Blackwood, Wales. It is (01443) 830449. If you ring there on a school day and ask for Mr H they will put you through. His class are really looking forward to it.

Miss K and all of us here in NZ

PS From Mr H
Message to Dino from Mr H - Hi Dino we are not in school now until Tuesday 8th May, but do ring school on the number Miss K has given you yet- we are very much looking forward to meeting you, and have plans in hand to come into school early if possible when you come to see us ( 8-15 to 8.30 am is possible) NZ time 7-15pm allowing your friends to have a chat with you.... hopefully

Friday, May 04, 2007

Miss K's Surprise

When Miss K came to school every thing was the same but at 9:30 we had a surprise for her.
This is the card we made for her from inside it.
Raewyn and Jenny made this for Miss K so everyone would know it was Miss K's birthday today!
And we all stood by the sign after we had decorated Miss K.
We had signs all over the school teling people about the party.
Raewyn made Miss K this VERY cool birthday cake! Isn't it spiffy. The screen is from Kid Pix, the keyboard has letters on it and look at the mouse and the mouse cord. It is cool that cake.

By Jordan and Moturoa