Friday, April 11, 2008


While I was up in Auckland earlier this term at the Learnng At School conference in Rotorua I was given a trial version of this Marvin software by Micosoft. You get to make avatars that you can animate and make speak. I think it is very cool. What do you think?

It is taking ages to upload as I have used all of my 10GB of broadband allowance for the month so I am on dial-up speeds.

Miss K

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Introducing Kyle- a new Moturoa blogger

Kyle has always been a keen blogger and now he has his own blog using Blogspot. I have put a link to Kyle's blog in the side bar . I am sure he would like lots of welcoming comments .I now have my own blog thanks to Miss K.
This is an old photo of my caterpillars and seeing as I have my own blog I thought you would like to see it. I now have more caterpillars on my swan plant and I also have more in cocoons.

By Kyle

Kieran's Hunting and Fishing

"I've got one. I've got one. YAHOO! Whoa that thing can pull." We went fishing a couple of months ago. Boy it was fun. Look at this snapper! Do you know how much it weighs. It said 17 pounds. A lot, eh?
AND we got up to a little bit of hunting as well. We caught 3 BOARS. I don't know how much but I think around 1oo pounds but the pig that is only a head was only about 50.