Sunday, March 25, 2007

Waimea River Photos

Dean Schneider came with us on our Waimea River water testing field trip and took these photos while we were doing our testing. Dean is a relieving teacher who helps us in the classroom sometimes. You may remember him from our Dean Schneider podcast we did last year about the book Hoiho's Chicks (a hoiho is the Maori name for the yellow-eyed penguin). Dean took all the photos for that book.

To hear more about our trip click on the photo of us or the Waimea River link below.

This photo was taken as we first arrived at the testing site and we are telling the children about all the wonderful creatures we will be able to find. Note the clump of tussock grass that we are sitting on!
We spent some time looking for eels and koura but found none! The water level had risen so high that they were all safely out in the now deeper water!
Oscar was fascinated by what he had found.
Brittany found out that the water was really clear to over one metre. That is pretty good!
If you look behind Elliott you will see the clump of grass that we were sitting on when we first arrived. It is nearly under the water completely!


Claire Fisher said...

Wow it looks like you had fun.Tegen was sad that she did not catch any eels!
Claire Tegen's Mum

Anonymous said...

dont I look nice by dino

CMichaels86 said...

It looks like you guys had a good time at the river. It looks a lot difference than the big river near my school. And what's a koura?

Mr Michaels
Virginia Beach, VA, USA

Anonymous said...

I bet it was freezing!