Thursday, March 29, 2007

Fern among the grapes

Appleby School is in a grape growing area of New Zealand. This is Fern is the basket with the grapes. He is trying to eat them but he might get a little sick from them if he eats too much. Sorry Fern.Fern is hiding in the finest grapes of Nelson. He is trying to eat them but I do not think Dad will like that. Ha! Ha! Fern can not get out.

By Nicole


Anonymous said...

Hi Moturoa
Thank you very much for sharing with me some of the awesome ICT skills you are learning. I loved listening to your comments for your up and coming podcast. I look forward to looking at it once it is completed. Fern looks great amoung the grapes - what awesome photos. Thanks again
Renee J
Richmond Primary

Anonymous said...

Fern are you eating them.

By Carl