Saturday, March 10, 2007

Monarch Man to visit

Dr Barrie Frost, Canada-based visual neuro-scientist is going to visit our classroom on Tuesday morning to help us find out more about the monarch butterfly and his work analysing data about them.

We will look at the New Zealand Monarch website before his visit and share some of their wonderful resources and videos.

Dr Frost spoke with us today and he was excellent. He told us about Monarch Watch- another great website for keeping an eye on Monarch butterflies.

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Russell said...


I would love to have been there to have heard Barrie Frost speak.

I'm not even sure where Moturoa is -- I know I could look it up, but would love to hear from your pupils as to what you are doing with Monarchs, and a little bit about your school.

You can write to me at

Did you know that we will join schools up complimentary? Then you can receive our newsletters free of charge. We also have great DVDs with some awesome things for children to do, t hey're only $10 each.

Good to hear! Keep up the great work.