Thursday, January 17, 2008

We Made Number One At Last

Today I was working with Podomatic, the host for our podcasts, and saw that we were number one!!! We have been hovering around there for a while but this is the first time we are the most popular in the K12 section. It is called K12 because it is grouped with American schooling system of Kindergarten to Year 12.

Thank you to all our listeners and to all the children who have contributed over the last year and a bit! What a great effort! Woot!

What a great start to the new year.

Miss K

Monday, January 14, 2008

Mini-Dylan Tours the North Island

Instead of stowing away in my handbag this time I thought I would take Mini-Dylan on holiday with me to Wellington and Whanganui. Our first visit was to Parliament Buildings in our capital city, Wellington.
I asked him to pose in front of the statue of one of our past Prime Ministers- Richard Seddon. Parliament Buildings are very impressive!
We then headed up the Whanganui River for an exciting ride in a jetboat!
After that we had a short visit at another of Whanganui's beautiful marae, Maranganui II, at Pungarehu. Can you see Mini-Dylan sitting on the paepae at the front of the wharenui.
Whanganui is a very beautiful and peaceful place.

Here is a little video of the exciting jet boat ride- it is 18 seconds long.

Miss K

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Look what's happening on Oscar's Blog

Oscar has been blogging a lot over the holidays. Look what has happened to his swan plant! Here is what he wrote...

My plant is gone, the caterpillars have eaten all the leaves of my plant, now they are going to turn into butterflies.

One caterpillar has turned into a cocoon already.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Blogmeister Blog for 2008

Mrs P has asked me to help her set up a new Blogmeister blog for 2008. So I have moved all of the children who are going to be in Moturoa in 2008 onto her blog.

The people who are moving on can stay in the same place- if that makes sense!!!

Here is the new blog address if you want to blog or check that your name is there.

Hasn't Kyle been doing well over the holidays with his blogging in Blogmeister!

Our other Blogger bloggers have been adding to their blogs as well over the summer sun. Do visit, check them out and leave an encouraging comment.

Miss K