Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fern with Dino's eels

Last night I got to take the camera home and take photos of Fern with my eels in a pond up in Galeo Estate which is a subdivision down Maisey Road. Dad helped supervise me in case I fell in. In the bucket we put sheeps' kidneys to bring them in. Fern looked a bit scared of the big eel.
By Dino


Anonymous said...

comeon people put some comments on
by dino

Moturoa said...


Your photos made me think back when we used to go eeling when I was about your age. We would put old eggs in the river to attract the eels and then we would try and gaff one with a hook type thing on the end of a stick!

Every now and then we would catch one!

I kept little baby eels as pets in a bucket. I caught them by chasing them into a glass milk bottle that they couldn't see in the water.

Miss K