Thursday, May 24, 2012

Super Cool Day

Today was so fun because we did awesome learning stuff like playing Lorax games on the laptops, doing e-AsTTle tests, reading on the iPad and making posters.

Astin was the first to work out the chess GUESS AND CHECK problem solving puzzle. Cassie got second.

Our Day in Moturoa Class

1. Some of us are reading the iPad app 'The Lorax' on the iPad or iPod Touch.

2. Some of us are choosing to make a Google presentation about good ideas we can think of to care for the environment.

Here is the link to the presentation so we can edit it.

2. Some of us are exploring and sharing the Lorax Project.

3. Some of us are creating a thneed advertisement.

4. Some of us are performing a Reader's Theatre of the Lorax story.

We took part of the Reader's Theatre and made a short sideshow out of it using Puppet Pals on the iPad.

Before play we watched the TED video about a really great way to help save the environment one paper towel at a time.

In the afternoon we researched some facts about dinosaurs. Allanah let us use her MacBook Air and a Chromebook so we could work together efficiently to find out the information.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Guess and Check Problem Solving

We are learning to solve problems using the Guess and Check method.

This wiki will help us with some practice at doing that.

Write what you do to solve problems using the Guess and Check method. Write your answers in the comments.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Today we also read the Cinderella book on Allanah's iPad. We liked it because we could see ourselves in the mirror. Can you see us in the mirror?


Today Allanah brought her new pen to school so we could draw accurately on the iPad. There wasn't enough time for everyone to have a go.

Laingdon enjoyed reading Cinderella On Allanah's iPod Touch.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Hide Run Growl

Today we read 'Hide Run Growl' on Allanah's iPad. Mrs B helps us make tigers and some camouflage for the tigers.