Monday, April 04, 2011

Thirds and Close Ups

We have been practising how to take close ups and photos of thirds for the photo competition. Here are some of our great photos.

Turtle Dash

For word study we have been looking at vowel combinations in the middle of words. The Turtle Dash game is a fun way of practising these.

Making an Organised List

For maths we have been learning about making an organised list to keep on track of what we are doing to solve problems. If you make an organised list it is faster. Otherwise you have to do it all in your head and you can get jumbled up with all the numbers.

We use a problem solving wiki to get the problems from.

by Mika

Hannah at RDA

Every single Friday I am away from school because I go to RDA. There are about twenty horses. Last Friday Allanah came to watch me ride.
Some of the jumps are pretty hard to get over but I did get over them pretty quickly. I had to stand up in my stirrups twice without holding on to the reins.

The name of my horse is Woody. I do like riding.

By Hannah