Friday, March 02, 2007

Appleby Swimming Sports

We had our swimming sports today. It was cool. Miss K got soaked. We all swum our very best and the parents cheered. Susa is proud of her backstroke.Look at us go! This is the breastroke race. It was hard to take a photo of the children with their heads out of the water.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Motoroa - great photos. A special well done to Elliott as we was unable to be there. Same day blogging pretty impressive -your hair must still have been damp while you wre uploading!
Sarah Kennedy

Moturoa said...

We had to be careful to keep the drips off the keyboard.

Now we have the Wakefield carnival to look forward to next week.

More photos to come I presume. Or maybe a live podcast. That would be fun!

Miss K

Anonymous said...

Well Done Motorua - it sure looked like a cool session in the pool.
Class 3H Cefn Fforest

ps We have had chocolate fish from Mr H for blogging on our classblogmeister blogs - thanks Miss K for the 'choc fishies'

Alix said...

What a great event, showing that swimming your age can really pay off in the end, eh, Elliott?? Well done little man! Keep it up!
Alix (Elliott's Aunt in Belgium)

Anonymous said...

thanks alix for leaving a comment we sent you an email last night

by Elliott