Friday, July 31, 2009

Pa Mai Waiata-a-ringa

We used the video of Pa Mai from earlier in the week to help with the music and words while we were learning the actions to Pa Mai. It is really tricky as a teacher to teach the words, music and actions when teaching waiata-a-ringa on your own to a class of students but having the karoke version playing through the data projector as we were singing made the process much easier. We are using our new CD player with a line in as speakers as well so we get enough volume. By the time it came do it on our own with the guitar we were quite confident with the words and actions. We really enjoyed learning it and did really well in a short length of time. I even use my fancy electronic guitar tuner to tune the guitar as well. ICT really helped

Nadia's Yesterdays

This is a very very old stool. It belonged to my grandad and now it is my uncle's.
This used to be my great grandad's watch in World War One, I think it was.
The cup was my grandad's wedding present.
The car and the lawn mower are in the shed and they don't go any more.
The pot plant is my great, great, great grandad's plant. It has been in the family ever since over a hundred years.
These drawers were made from three trees cut down to build our house. The left overs were made into other furniture around the house.
When my mum was a little girl she had a friend who made toys and clothes and she made this toy for my Mum. He is called Big Dog.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Geometry Nets

Lots of NZ teachers seem to be learning about geometry at the moment- it's geometry time of the year! Here is a great idea someone had to make a great idea for a new kind of pizza box!

I will have a go at this one and maybe we can all make it at school tomorrow!


Amy's Yesterday

My grandfather fixed and made clocks before he died. This one is made by the Gilbert Clock Co in USA 1910. It is 99 years old.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Holiday

When we were flying to Scotland we stopped in Vancouver, Canada for two days. So we went to this shop in the airport. So up near the sign there is Allanah's toy dog. Mum had the camera in her hand bag so I wanted to take a picture of Bonnie and her friend bear. Over to the west there was water fountain exploding with money.
This is where my hotel was. It was a 5 star hotel. So can you see where Bonnie is? Well she is just at the back wall just at the feathers at the back of the eagle. Counting all of them I saw around the town I saw 35 eagles. Wow. Maybe if you go to Canada you will see some but I don't think you will see as many as me. I was really excited to see my family in Scotland. Yay. Changing the subject as you can see Bonnie is not real but you might of heard I do have a real dog BONNIE 1. Thank you for reading with Kiera and Bonnie and of course Bonnie 1. Yay!!!

Hayley's Yesterday Today

This is my great grandfather's RAF (Royal Air Force) officer's uniform and it is 69 year's old. He flew in World War Two from 1940 to 1945. He flew lots of different planes. He even taught pilots to fly gliders in the D-day landings. His cap is very dirty as it was uncool to have a clean cap.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Basic Facts Blog

I have just come across this Maths Basic Facts Blog. The chap who wrote it has a class that is doing the same things as us. He has numbered his maths tests a little differently from mine but it's pretty close. Find the basic facts that you are working on and you will find some web sites linked to practice your skill that you need to get better, faster and stronger at! Cool bananas.

Bella's Mangle

We are doing yesterday for topic I brought my mangle. You put the water in the little bucket and put the water in the big bucket. Then you put the wet washing through the ringer and the ringer squashes the water out back into the big bucket. It is only a toy but it works just like the real thing.

Thanks for the comments people. Bella has just started her own blog. Here it is.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Pa Mai To Reo Aroha

Today as an fun thing to do to start Maori Language Week we learnt to sing and do the actions to the waiata Pa Mai. The only change we made was where the song sings about Rotorua- we changed it to Wakatu so we could sing about Nelson. We did lots of things all at once. We copied the song out for our handwriting practice and we used the song as a poem for Monday poetry and we translated the words into English so we knew what they were about and we learnt to sing the song and do the actions. A real action packed morning!!!

If you are lucky you may just get to see us do the actions on video later in the week.

Most mornings we do the roll using a variety of languages. This week we will make sure our greetings are all in Maori. If you want to learn some greetings in Maori click here for some good audio to help you get the sound right.

We have been learning to do the roll in twos.....

Tena korua, Taine raua ko Olivia.

Tena koe, Allanah

Alex's Yesterday

These book's belonged to my great grandmother. The brown one is a French Bible from 1894, the other one is a Nelson Girls College book from 1898.
This is an old iron they used to heat on the coal range and iron their clothes.
This is my great grandad's cup from 1907.
This is a half sovereign from 1893. It was given to my dad by his great uncle who was given it by his mother with a note saying not to be spent unless you have no other money.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Jessica's Yesterday

This is a gold monument that we have had since 2000. It is 10 years old.
This is my great grand mother's china collectcon. It is over 40 years old because her mother passed it on to her when she was little .

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Geometry Games

We are studying Geometry at the moment. This Digital Learning Object helps you find the number of 'faces' of a shape. To use the object you will need a username and password. The username is apple34 and I have told you what the password is. If your computer has forgotten the password I will tell you it.
This Digital Object is the same but talks about different 3D shapes.
With this last game for today you have to correctly select the 3D shape.

Skye's Yesterday

This trike is over 35 years old. It was my great uncle's before it was my mum's then mine.
This whip is over 34 years old. It was my great grandad's from when he was training racehorses.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tullamore and Caleb's Science Fair Presentation

Tullamore and Caleb were very keen to share their advertisement to bring 'customers' to view their science presentation. Didn't they do well.

Tullamore's Yesterday

These pictures are Japanese and are over 200 year old. My parents bought them in Japan.
This is a Samuri and its from Japan again and it's 70 years old, I think.

This is a crocodile and it was dug up 30 years ago in a river in Indonesia. Its 80 years old.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Olivia's Yesterdays

We are trying to gain more information about how things were at school when our parents and grandparents went to school so I have asked children to take my camera home for the night and record the oldest thing in their house and bring it back to school the next day. You can expect to see a regular post as each child records what they have learnt.
Yesterday Allanah told me to take home her camera so I could take some pictures of the oldest things in the house. I have got some pictures of my great, great grandad, William Edward Bradbury, medals from World War One and some other stuff that they used. Up the top is a picture of him when he was a young boy.
The picture up the top is a picture of the things that you put the powder in for the guns.
This was the highest medal that he got for bravery, I think.
He was put into the England unit because there wasn't a New Zealand unit and he was used in Kent, Middlesex and Manchester. Up the top are the medals that told you that.
And these are the record that they used.

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Quizillion Stories

There are a quizillion stories here to read and interact with. Isn't it sxciting that there are always new things to find out about and learn with on the internet.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

In Between the Lions

Hear is a great site for some reading vocabulary activities. Reading between the Lions. You will need to watch a reading video followed by some quizzes to test your reading power. There are four stories to choose from.

A New Term Begins

Welcome back to another term at Appleby School. It's going to be really busy with preparations for the school's 150th reunion and our school production.

A reminder also that if you are feeling like you might have the flu, then please stay at home until you are over it.

Friday, July 10, 2009


I have been having fun these holidays showing friends around Nelson. Yesterday we went to Lake Rotoiti. It was magic. What have you been doing in the holidays????

Let us know in the comments.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Science Fair

What a great way to finish the term. We finished reading Shearwater Bell and heaps of parents came in to look at our Science Fair Projects.