Thursday, June 28, 2007

Braden's Marble Gun & Target

This is Braden's marble gun and target that he made at Rally.
Rally is a place where kids can learn about God and have a great time.
I made this with Cam who is a leader at Rally. If you want play with it you have to pull this bit of wood back and then you put the marble and hit it down.

By Braden & Dino

Making Pavlova

On Wednesday Zach, Miriam, Kieran, Elliott, Georgina, Shayn and Sally went down to the staff room and made a really nice pavlova.
To make a pavlova you will need 3 eggs, 250g of caster sugar, a pinch of salt, one tsp of vanilla essence and one tsp of vinegar. First beat the egg whites and salt to gather until they are quite stiff then fold in the sugar and add vinegar and the vanilla essence. Place the mixture on the greased paper on a greased oven tray and bake it very slowly for 1 to1 1/2 hours at 120 degrees centigrade.

It tasted very yummy and Sam went to lunch in a hypo sugar high!
By Elliott, Zach and Kieran

Nicole's blog as well

Nicole has been developing her blog for a while now and is keen to take photos and make links. The permanent links to our class blogs are on the right hand side of our class blog. You will be taken to Nicole's blog when you click on her photo.

Shania's Blog

You may have been following our blog lately and think that only the boys are making their own Blogger blogs but this is not so. Shania has made a blog and is busy adding extra links and even a clock and a hit counter. We are all learning off each other and the girls taught the boys how to add a clock of their choice! Cool bananas!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Spaghetti bridges

Today we made spaghetti bridges. We got the idea out of a school journal. You were only allowed to stick things together with sellotape and bluetac!!! Here are the finished bridges.
It had to be strong enough to hold the car.
You had to be cooperative otherwise your bridge will break!!!!!!
Just the slightest move could break your bridge.

By Kieran

Nicole Goes to Brownies

This is a certificate for Brownies. We had to do lots of clauses for these badges. The top left is the biscuit badge, top right is the Discover It badge, bottom right is the Brownies Heritage badge, the bottom leftis the pen and ink badge, the middle is my theme badge. Blogged from Nicole's blog with Shania's help.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Zach's Poem

Apricots, bacon, cookies too
Dumplings & Easter Eggs too.
Fish fries groper, hapuka
Ice blocks & juice
Kangaroo tail stew.
Lamb necks too.
Mussels & meatballs dipped in mustard
It all tastes good but you need some custard!
Noodles & o-ring chips, pork, quiche makes it all so good.

Roast steak dipped in tomato sauce.
Up-side down cake served with venison steak,
Watermelon is the best
Extra sweet toffees with yoghurt
And of course Zach’s special stew.

By Zach and Jack On Monday our class did a poem Alphabet stew. We had to make our own one. This is my one. Do you like it?

Monday, June 25, 2007

Nicole's Animation

I will get Nicole to write a little about her animation later but in the meantime here is her animation.

Introducing Freckles

Nathan is a really keen blogger and has learnt how to add photos and links. If you have a look at Nathan's blog you will see a kotuku. A kotuku is a white heron and it is a very beautiful and rare bird that came to visit Nathan's house.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ghost Addition Game

I just found this cool Ghost Addition Maths Game and that helps to reinforce the maths learning in our classroom. We are learning how to break up numbers to make them easier to add. So you break the seven into a six and a one- 34+6+1=41.

Kidspiration Free Trial Download

A number of people have shown an interest in the software that we use to record our bubble maps for our homework. It is called Kidspiration. You can do all sorts planning and recording with Kidspiration and it is available as a 30 day free trial after an on line download. You might like to download it and use it over the school holidays and see if you like it.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Jump Rope For Heart

This term and next term we are doing Jump Rope For Heart. One of our teachers at school organised it that was Miss B. On the 26 of July we are going to do our jump off. There are posters all over the school.
Skipping is a really good for a physical activity and a game. Cool!
This a really good thing to get fit.

By Brittany and Ryan

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Introducing another Blogger- Kieran

I am pleased and proud to introduce Kieran's blog to our blogging friends around the globe. Kieran is a wonderful guitar player and shows such talent. Watch out for his name when he gets a bit older!

There are a number of children in my class that are keen to have their blogs featured here but they have to earn their places. Well done Kieran. We will enjoy seing your blog grow.

Sam is a role model for others

We know that our blog is being looked at by lots of other people and today Room 12 from Richmond Primary used Sam's recipe as a role model for their baking. Here is what they said....

We were inspired after reading Sam's posting on Moturoa's blog about making Rice Bubble Cake to do some baking ourselves today. These Peanut Butter Balls were very yummy and we all helped to make them. William and Philippa did the shopping to buy the ingredients.

Gee whizz Sam. Did you know you were a star!!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lead Children ICT Day

Today Elliott, Zach and Nicole got to go to a Lead Children's ICT day where children from Waimea South got together and worked on creating animations.

This is my group ( Zach ). We are making our models. It is a hard job. Our job is to make a way to make an emergency call. Our animation took 203 photos. It was fun.
This is my group ( Elliott ). We were given a a piece of paper and all of them were on safety. My group's was on safe swimming. We had two people. Their names were Ben and his mum . First we made a story board of what was going to happen. Then we went off and made the things that we needed and they were background, Ben and his mum, the flags and the car. Our animation was called Safe Swimming.
This is my group ( Nicole ) we had to make a animation. First we had to make a brainstorm. Then we had to make a storyboard. then we had to make a background. We made a background and put all the photo' s into iphoto then put the pictures into Imovie. Then we had to put the title and credits on to the movie. Then we recorded our voices. Then we were finished.
By Elliott, Nicole and Zach

PS from Miss K....

We have moved on to new heights with our blogging in that we have learnt how to add links in our blog posts to other web sites like how each of us have our own blog sites that we can link to.

A Safe Idea from Miss K

A number of children and their families have been keen to make a blog for themselves and this is really great.

We have been talking quite a bit about cyber safety while we are learning about Keeping Ourselves Safe. I would like to recommend Firefox as a way to browse the internet. It is the browser we use at school and you can use it on a PC or an Apple equally well. It is a 17MB free download and after you do you can automatically import all your old bookmarks/favourites and passwords. Firefox has a number of really useful extras that make viewing the internet better.

One of these is Glubble.

Glubble puts the web in the hands of families.

  • Glubble Trusted Surfing for children under 12 years of age enables families to be sure they only see the best of the web they choose to allow.
  • Glubble Altered Search makes Google and Yahoo show results from childrens' trusted Glubbleworld instead of the world wide web.
  • Child friendly look and feel with interfaces for pre-reading and children with younger reading ages.
You can find both of these excellent tools by clicking on the photo above. If you would like some help with downloading these safe tools please call in to school one morning and we can show you.

Look at Josh's new legs!

Josh had a operation on his legs. He is now recovering at home. Jack went and visited him last night with Liam & Sally. Josh seemed happy playing his playstation. He is looking forward to having more visitors.

By Kieran and Jack

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rice bubble cake!

We had some wonderful learnings with our Teach It Homework. Sam impressed us with his recipe for rice bubble cake. What do you think?We liked Sam's rice bubble cake- yummmmmmmmmmy!

By Sam and Brittany

All those who had a good try at the homework had a really good try at teaching and many realised it was not as easy as it may look!

Georgie and Tegen did a really cool dance on the stage by the sandpit. Georgina showed us how to do a really clever magic trick, Amberley did a wonderfully funny and creative dance, Miriam & Jack shared recipes, Frances read us a poem. Kyle showed us how he could add a photo on his blog. Zach very cleverly showed us how he would train a dog to sit. Kieran showed us how to make a paper glider and sang us a song, Jordan showed us how to make origami squares. Susa showed us a cunning trick to learning the nine times tables and Elliott shared how he had made us all some very yummy brownies.

What a talented bunch of children I have.

Miss K

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We are learning about Keeping Ourselves Safe

We are learning about Cyber Safety- that means how to be safe on the internet and when using ICT. We have talked about how the things that you post into a blog or the comments you make can be there forever. Sometimes that can be a great thing, sometimes not so great.
This picture is from the website called Hector's World. It has a lot of cool videos, puzzles and ideas to learn from about Cyber Safety. To go to the website you can just click on the picture and it will take you there.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Homework Task Podcast

I hate being sick and staying home with a nasty cold. It is great how lots of you are keeping up your blogging from home or school even when I'm not there!

I wondered how I might let you know about your homework task this week and thought I would tell you about it in a podcast so here is a link to it.

Click here to listen to the podcast. It is only 1.5 MB so shouldn't take too long to download on a slow connection.

Click on the Teach It Bubble Map to download your own copy.
Click on the Grid to download the Teach It homework grid.

Let me know what you think in the comments on the podcast page or on this page or on your own blog.

Miss K

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Rob Waddell Podcast

It's a good job I was sick and at home today as editing our Skype call to Rob Waddell in Valencia took ages. Never mind- it is all finished now. I had to edit it quite a bit because the file was HUGE.

Even now the podcast is 13MB so don't even think about it if you are on dial up. Remember the best way to view it is to download iTunes and subscribe so you can replay it without having that buffering thing happening all the time.

To go to our podcast site click on the photo or look on our links on the right hand side of our blog.

Watch the TVNZ news tonight for the television coverage of our podcast interview. I will video it for sure!!!!!

I will play you the whole thing when I get back to school. I am still sick and will take tomorrow off to get better. Be nice to your reliever!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Skype Call with Rob Waddell in Valencia

It was an excellent session soon to be podcasted! Lots of us came back to school at seven o'clock at night on Queen's Birthday holiday weekend Monday to talk with Rob Waddell, Olympic Gold Medallist and grinder on Emirates Team New Zealand yacht which has just one its third race in a row in the finals in our quest to challenge Alinghi and bring the America's Cup back to New Zealand.
Hugo talks to his good friend in Valencia.
Here we are just about to get started. The room soon filled with people.

Zoe did a great job of warming the audience up to the idea of Skyping to Valencia. Happy birthday Zoe for yesterday! Skype is an amazing tool for connecting people from all over the world.
Rob Waddell was a wonderful, warm, informative person to talk with and the children came through with interesting questions, unlike their teachers who suddenly lost the ability to talk sensibly when confronted with a TVNZ cameraman. I left the interview to the boss as he seemed to have things under control and my voice is all hoarse and scratchy from a cold.
Jackson gets interviewed by the camera person from TVNZ while Buzz chats with Janine. It's all go!
Mr B says his piece to the camera! What a cool experience. Thanks to everyone involved. The video will be on line soon.

Miss K