Friday, July 25, 2008

More from San Francisco

Miss K has been working really hard while she was in San Francisco. Here she is with her new Adobe brand jacket looking out from a rooftop restaurant.

Mini-Dylan went out on the water in San Francisco Bay to view the Golden Gate Bridge. Enjoy the video!

Miss K

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Today we thought we had pretty much done San Francisco city apart from girl shopping that I didn't want to inflict on Colin as we wandered downtown to catch a transit bus to Sausalito. It was a short trip but interesting to drive through ordinary suburbs of the city. Sausalito was a lovely smaller centre on the coast without the feel of noise like downtown- it reminded me a little of Day's Bay in Wellington with all the craft shops and the like.
We caught the ferry back into the city. Here is me with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

Little Mini-Dylan is enjoying the trip with me. Today the Adobe Summit starts and work begins.

How is school going???

Sunday, July 20, 2008

San Francisco Day Three

Today after a lazy start we wandered about looking for a cable car to catch into downtown.After that adventure we started to chat with a couple of nice policeman. From TV shows we get in NZ you would think that USA policemen would be mean types but these guys were very happy to chat and laugh.And then I started chatting to a very talkative homeless guy who was going to college and waiting for subsidised housing. I was evidently sitting in the his spot on some steps taking a rest from all the sightseeing. We were suprised at how together this homeless guy was and wondered why he was spending his days asking for money on the streets and going through rubbish bins and sleeping in doorways. He said he was a US armed forces veteran waiting for subsidised housing. I hope he gets it soon. He seemed like a nice person.
We enjoyed wandering through China Town as well. Mini-Dylan enjoyed chatting with some very pretty Chinese ladies. Chinatown is full of bustle and noise.

Then up to the 52 floor of the Bank of America Building for pina colada cocktails and a look at the misty view. We met with a couple of lovely local ladies who enjoyed chatting with a couple of leg weary kiwis.

Mini-Dylan enjoyed a small pina colada as we look out over the bay. The journey to the 'bathroom' was the poshest in my 51 years. A lovely Asian woman welcomed me and directed me to an empty cubicle. As I left she turned the gold faucet on for me and showed me where to source the soap. On washing my hands she passed me a warmed towel to dry my hands. I don't think tipping is a good idea but if I had taken a penny to the dunny she would have got it!

Have a great day back at school todayand be nice to Mrs P.

Miss k

Friday, July 18, 2008

San Francisco Day Two

Today we did the tourist bus thing around San Francisco on an open top double decker bus.It was a great tour and we learnt a lot about the city and ists past from his talk. I took lots and lots of photos from the bus as it went over the Golden Gate Bridge and when I get on a decent internet connection I will post the video. Here am I at one end of the bridge looking back over the city views.

Then it was off for a spot of shopping- you should see this one shop called Nostrum Westfield. It was HUGE with nine floors of shopping and interlinked escalators all over the place.

THEN- I saw the big APPLE and a queue of people waiting to get an iPhone. I went inside and spoke to an Apple Genius- that is what their job is called. He helped me buy an 8GB iP od Touch- it is SO cool.
I can't wait to surf the internet from it through a wireless connection.

The stetch limo is what I neede to carry all my shopping home to the hotel!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

San Francisco- We Are Here!

My computer clock tells me it 12.09am in NZ time but we're flying through the time zones and have just flown back into yesterday.

I have never crossed the international date line before and will cross the equator into the northern hemisphere some time on our trip across the Pacific Ocean. Remember our study Comparing Hemisphere's from last year.

Well now I will get to see for myself what the the northern hemisphere is like- I will look for swirling water, gravity, where the sun is in the sky and what the seasons will be like. Here is a photo of me at Sydney airport with a visual dictionary of Aussie words. It made us laugh.

We booked the cheapest flights we could which meant I had to fly to Auckland, then to Sydney and then the last leg to San Francisco. The plane is packed full of people all trying to sleep sitting upright- we have seen three stink movies in a row so I thought I would start a blog post and hopefully will get the opportunity to post it when we get to America!

Fellow teacher, Colin, from Marina View School in Auckland and I are on an adventure to
fly to San Francisco to represent New Zealand at the Adobe Educational Leaders' Summit
next week.

We are flying over early so we can have a bit of a good look around before the
summit starts.

Mini-Dylan is on this adventure with me and we hope to get out and about seeing some of
the sights and sounds of the big city.
Mini-Dylan had a quick Budweiser beer to quench his thirst as it is summer in San Francisco, California.

Maybe you can go on Google Earth and have a look at the path we are taking across the
Pacific Ocean- look for the Golden Gate Bridge as we hope to go for a bike ride over it on

Any questions you want to ask or things you would like me to do write them in the
comments and I will see what I can do.

The next few days are open as to what we want to to but on Monday we intend to hire
push bikes and bike over the Golden gate bridge and get a boat back to the city- that
sounds like a fun idea. I want to go shopping in a big department store, maybe go to
Yosemite National Park and generally soak up the atmosphere of being in a totally
different culture. I have been to Australia a few times before and it feels like when I visit I
am visiting my cousin- staying in America is really new territory for me.