Friday, March 09, 2007

Our First Assembly for 2007

It was our first assembly of the year today and we did really well. Elliott was the person in charge and we had lots of parents turn up to listen and enjoy. We did a great dramatisation of the Super-supper March poem, followed by a listen to the podcast we did with Jessica Ahlberg. Then we acted out Jack Johnson's Sharing Song. The whole assembly was then capped off by our boat building display in the school pool. It was wonderful.

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After assembly Frances's grandmother and aunty said good-bye before they head off back to England and wanted a photo of Frances with her teacher. I prefer to be behind the camera as a rule but there you go!

Miss K

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Anonymous said...

Great to see Miss K caught in front of the camera - safe return journey for Frances' grandparents.
Mr h and Class 3H