Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What a Rehearsal!

We had a fabulous rehearsal today for the Suzanne Prentice's Kids for Kids Concert. I was very cheeky at the end and asked Suzanne if she would pose with Brittany and Tiny Ted for a publicity shot and she did. Brittany was ever so pleased because her Grandma is coming to the concert tonight and she really likes Suzanne Prentice's music. She really is a wonderful singer and along with 400 students from all over Nelson we are really looking forward to the big event tonight. I will take more photos tonight when we are all in our flash party clothes.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tiny Ted on the Port Hills

Tonight Tiny Ted went out for an evening drive and ended up at the top of the Port Hills that look out over the Boulder Bank. If you click on the photo you will be able see it more clearly. You can just see Fifeshire Rock on the left hand side. The island is called Haulashore Island. In the very distance you can see the lighthouse. Way, way away you can see the Abel Tasman National Park. Miss k

Our Calendar Art

For are calendars Miss K took a photo of the back of our heads. Then we went over the lines with Indian ink.

Then we got a piece of paper and two lines around the inside of the paper and went over the lines in Indian ink.
Then we planned a design to go in the middle of the paper.
After we had to draw a good one in the middle and paint all of it.
We had to cut- out the background of the photo and paste it on.

We thought that they all turned out great.

By Emily and Gloria

Monday, November 27, 2006

Lots of fun with Tiny Ted

In the weekend Jessica took Tiny Ted home to have fun!!!!
When we got home my dad was watching the rugby and Tiny Ted wanted to watch it too because what do you know? It was Wales v All Blacks.
How cool is that!!!
After the game had finished, it was the Santa Parade
Tiny Ted had lots of fun watching angels, presents and the big man himself- Santa.
The day began to get really exciting because I had my dancing concert.
Check me with my pink wig on and fake eye lashes with my groovy dress.
Don't I look weird!!!!!!!

Then we went to the A&P show. Tiny Ted just had to go on the ferris wheel.
We had a fun time. It was scary being so high up. It was a good job Jessica was with me to keep me company.

By Jessica and Tiny Ted

Cuddly Kiwi Leaves for Wales

Shanac was very emotional when Cuddly Kiwi left for Wales. We pierced Kiwis toe and put a pin with the Wales and the New Zealand flags on it.

The three people that put a post on the Playground Blog got to go out for lunch at Subway. They were Georgia, Elliott and Jessica. Here is Elliott scoffing his roll down.

This is Georgia handing the parcel over at the Post Office. Travel safely little kiwi and enjoy your big overseas experience.

By Georgia and Gloria

Sunday, November 26, 2006

38th in the World

Our podcast on Podomatic is being ranked 38th in the world for educational podcasts. Not sure of the criteria though but it can't be a bad thing!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tiny Ted's Adventures at Raven's house.

This is my lamb, Lucky. Tiny Ted and his friend are feeding Lucky.

Also Tiny Ted is playing Connect Four with his friend and Tiny Ted won!
Tiny Ted got hungry after that so he got one of Raven's kiwi fruit.

by Raven & Georgia.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tiny Ted's Podcast

Here is another podcast made in Kid Pix. This one was totally made by the children. 100% hands off by the teacher!!

Tiny Ted's travels around Nelson

Tiny Ted's Timber Truck

Tiny Ted decides to drive the log truck but he has to sit on the steering wheel to see above the dashboard. This is Nathan's Dad's logging truck that he brought to school just so Tiny Ted could have his photo taken with it.

After all that steering Tiny Ted got to sit on one of the logs. That was pretty cool, don't you think??????

By Nathan and Jackson V

Athletics Fun

Athletics started off with all the schools divided into groups. Different groups went to different activities. This picture is of Maddison.
Some of the activities are 80 metre run, 200 metre run, high jump, hurdles, discus and lots of other cool things. This is a picture of Georgia. I'm sure we had lots of fun.

by Lara

Tiny Ted's Adventures

Tiny Ted is having a very good time in the Stone Ridge Cafe with a nice drink sitting by the counter. Maybe Ted can come back another time some day soon.

Tiny Ted is having lots of fun in the maze at my place.

By Sam J.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Our Big Day Out

Miss K and I had a big day out today. It was good because the sun came out as well. Our first stop was the Fisherman's Memorial. I found this boat that was just my size but I couldn't get it to go on the water.Next stop was a cafe for a cool drink. Miss K said she wanted a bear and the lady bought me a ginger beer! Silly lady!!After that we had lunch down at Tahunanui Beach. I took my umbrella so I didn't get sun-burnt. I took a towel to sit on so my bottom didn't get wet like it did yesterday. I brought along a picnic lunch of bread and cheeses. It was nice to sit in the sand-dunes and look at the people walking along the beach. It was still a bit cold for me to want to go for a swim.
Next stop was our second attempt at finding the geocache in the church grounds near school. Miss K had emailed the person that had first started a geocache there in the first place and she had a few extra clues to find the cache without using a GPS. She looked 2 metres south of the tree with &%$#@ and there hidden under some bushes was the geocache. Miss K dug it up and had a look inside. There was a little notebook with a record of lots of other poeople who had been to visit. It had been started in 2004.While we were at the church we heard action at the go-karts so went to see if Dino was racing and he was so I got Miss K to take this photo before Dino went out to race. Can you see me???Seeing the day was so nice we headed down to Rabbit Island (Moturoa). On the way there we saw Trevor selling ice-creams from his bright yellow bus. Trevor let me lick the bottom of the ice-cream cone. Yum!When we got to Rabbit Island Miss K took this photo of me looking back towards Nelson city.

After that big day out I went home for an early night because I was worn out.

Friday, November 17, 2006

$1,000,000 Geocache

After school today Mrs P and I went for a short drive to see if we could find the nearest geocache 0.7 miles south of Appleby School in a church grounds. The clue was '150 years in Waimea West'. We found the church but didn't find the geocache. We need to borrow someone's GPS (Global Positioning System). We did however find something that must be close to it. We found a US$1,000,000 banknote. We don't think it is real.


On the 17 of November the day had come. All the gym people went along and had to show what they had learnt. Finally we were all there at the start. We were all excited. Then the competition started. The girls started off at the bar. My best event was the bar because I had nice straight legs and I did it nice and smoothly. This is me going over the box. It is my birthday today and I am nine years old.

By Gloria

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Two new podcasts

We have done a couple of ground-breaking new podcasts this week. The smaller one is created entirely with Kid Pix the popular drawing programme and is about the icons of the Nelson area. And the most recent one is made with real video footage of children in our class. We completed both episodes while the Year Fives were at Athletic Sports.

You may be interested in the graph that tells how many people are listening to our podcasts. If you click on it a better sized version will pop up. The average number of page views is 27 a day with an average of four people subscribing to our podcasts a day. That is quite a few! In the last fourteen days 81 people have subscribed to our podcast from all over the world.

This map tells us where in the world people are who are listening to our podcasts over the last fourteen days.

Not many children have such a global audience for their learning!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Travelling Ted's adventures

Travelling Ted is learning lots on the computers and having lots of fun.

Last night on the fourteenth of November Lara took the camera home . She took pictures of her cute little ducklings.The mother of the ducklings is a Musckivie duck but we're not sure what type the ducklings are. The ducklings are about one and a half weeks old. The ducklings are really cute. By Sam J and Lara

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ted goes to library

Last Monday Travel Ted went to the library to find a good kiwi book to read. Jackson V took this photo. Jackson's buddy is Ethan O

Monday, November 13, 2006

Little Ted goes to Gloria's house

Gloria was the first person to take the digital camera home. She had to take photos of Lucky & Travel Bug to show the class Lucky and have a go at using the camera. She took this photo and Miss K thought it was the best. Gloria had to take the photo on the rule of thirds.
By Gloria & Georgia

Sunday, November 12, 2006

365 Days of Blogging

On this day one year ago I started this blog as a way of recording some of the highlights of our days in Moturoa Classroom at Appleby School. Since then it has grown and become much more than a diary of events.

The addition of class monitors to blog each week has meant that the children have an audience for their photography and independent skills are improving. And to celebrate now they can play in the
Moturoa Playground Blog. In this blog children can add their own posts to the blog and experiment with posting from home as they have been given the usernames and passwords. If your child decides to do this please keep an eye on them.

Hopefully the blog has now become more of a resource centre for safe internet activity and a link to other information. I know that many more people follow the blog than make comments but comments are always appreciated.

Class Camp to Bridge Valley

Our planning for camp to Bridge Valley is well underway and your child has been given four pages of forms and notes about it. If you have missed them you can download them by clicking below. You will need Adobe Acrobat which is pre-installed on every computer I have played with so chances are it will be on yours. When you click on the link a page will be downloaded on to your computer ready to print off. If not let me know and I will direct you were to get it for a free download.

Click here to get the request for parent help

Click here to get the Camp Timetable

Click here to get the list of what to take on camp

Click here to get the medical and consent form

Friday, November 10, 2006

Cefn Fforest Podcast Link School

Cefn Fforest is a school in Wales that we have linked to with our podcasting. Their class, 3H, has sent us some photos and letters introducing themselves as well as a Welsh Teddy for us to share in the classroom and a geocache Travelling Ted that we are taking photos of as he has adventures in Nelson. When it has visited all of the places in Nelson that we want to send it to we will send it on to another school in another part of the world. We will still be able to track it as there is a web site where we can follow its progress because it is wearing an electronic tracking number.

Click here to see the geocache website

Click here to see Welsh 3H class blog

Here is a picture of Jamie opening the package from Wales.Here is a photo of Jamie discovering the CD from Cefn Fforest School in Wales. They are the school that we met on-line when we were podacsting. They podcast as well.
This is Ruby holding the travel bug. We are going to follow this travel bug as it goes to all of the countries around the world. We will send it on its way after it has had a look around our school and Nelson.
By Ruby & Brittany