Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Movie Review

Yogi Bear was a great movie and it was particularly funky as it was in 3D! I recommend Yogi Bear for all ages but it didn't quite have the adult appeal that other kids movies have! As my Mum and I went to see it we both laughed and sometimes even tried grabbing for things that popped out of the screen - ha ha!

The basic story to the movie is about Yogi Bear who helps the Ranger stop Jelly-Stone National park from being destroyed.

All up I think its a fantastic movie and I rate it and hope that you will go watch in either 2D or 3D!

Georgia O'C


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Spider

Frankly he scares the life out of me! If you've been following this blog for a while you would know about the spider but he's good holiday wet weather entertainment. Feed him by double clicking and he'll follow your mouse. Click on options and you can make the spider scarier still or even go full screen!

Golden Bay Trip

I went to Golden Bay (Parapara) which is over the Takaka Hill. I had lots of fun in the sea. I went Sea Biscuiting and swimming - it was really warm! I also went to the Golden Bay A & P show and it was so hot I managed to get through two big bottles of ice cold water in 10 minutes. I had lots to eat such as donuts and hot chips and lots more junk food! The bach had a cool view off the balcony of the sea! I had a great time at Golden Bay and hope to go there some other time! :)

By Georgia O’C

Georgia O'C told me that I should update the blog so I suggested that she do it herself via a shared Google Doc. Clever girl :-)