Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Our Waterways wiki gets started

Today's field trip to test the health of the Waimea River did not go as planned. Your children will tell you what happened and we will blog more about it later.

We did have the chance to start work on our wiki which was great. Your children are encouraged to add to the Waterways wiki from home. Your children will show you how.

Remember to click on EDIT THIS PAGE and click on SAVE before you move on.

This photo of White group working on their wiki page could well become one of my favourites. All children are so totally engaged in the collaborative process of adding their learning to their wiki page that they don't notice that I am waving the camera about! Everyone working wirelessly together on the web to create on-line content about their learning. Just what 21st century learning is all about.
Here black group are doing the same. Great stuff!

Miss K


Moturoa said...

what a wonderful teacher miss k is

Mrs. Sullivan said...

Hello class. Your waterway wiki is great. Keep up the good work. My class can't wait to work with you.
Mrs. S

kahurangi said...

It really looks like the children are having fun. We have started a wiki too.Miss Brydon is going to show us soon.

Anonymous said...

Im christopher form mrs.sullivan. I thik your class blog is graet.

Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Katrin,and I'm from Mrs.Sullivan's class.

Anonymous said...

you guys are so lucky!!But im going to england today so i really shouldnt fuss briony blackmore