Friday, September 22, 2006

Doug the Digger Winners

At the final assembly of Term Three Gloria and Emily won the Doug the Digger colouring competition and each got a certificate and a safety T-shirt so they can be safe around heavy moving equipment. You can see how safe they are around the workmen who are developing the landscape area around the library.

Have a safe and enjoyable two week holiday from all of us in Moturoa.

Clever Jenny

Clever Jenny displayed our crazy creatures by hanging the them from the rafters but she mounted a few of them on the window. They look like they are really flying on their own and coming to land on the dolphin table!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Our Bubbleshare Crazy Creatures


Turn the speakers on because there is audio as well.

New fitness cards

In Moturoa, we have been designing new fitness cards on the computer. We have been teaching all the classes our fitnes that we got from other cards. Also we have been taking turns and choosing different cards. We have to do them by ourselves after Miss K showed us. by Jessica and Shanac

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Web notes

Now the reports are finished I have time to play on the internet and find out cool new things. How cool is this little toy I found on the internet tonight.

Click here to write your web note

Read the instructions on the page and then leave your own note. Remember to click on the save icon before you leave the page to save your comment.

I put a link on the right hand side as well.

Miss K

Jamie, Ruby and Sam J make a crazy podcast.

Yay! Jamie, Ruby and Sam J's podcast came out fine this time. By my reckoning we have all now had a go at making a podcast. With the extra ideas from the ULearn ICT conference in Christchurch in the holidays our podcasts will keep on getting better and better.

Either go to the Appleby website, search in the Music Store of iTunes or click on the link below to listen to this week's podcast about our crazy art creatures.

Last week Fynn's parents gave us some excellent feedback and we really appreciate it so please let us know you are listening.

Friday, September 15, 2006

1000 Hits

We have made a 1000 hits on our blog this term! How about that? We are going to have a party on Monday to celebrate.

Thank you for your interest. We love positive feedback so please leave us a message if you like our blogging.

To celebrate I have spiced the blog up with a bit of a new look.

A new feature I have added is the ability to email the link to a particular post to a friend. Just click on the little envelope next to the comment link add your email and address and the address of where the link is to go, add a message and your friends will be dirscted to your post.

Miss K

Tyler, Lara and Emily make a podcast

What an excellent effort the children made with their podcast this week.

Braden has become an expert and managed the whole procedure from the start to the completed podcast. The group managed to compose the photos, crop and enhance them as required, insert them into a podcast track, add graphics, load the USB microphones, rehearse and record the podcast and edit it as needed. The girl's voices were lovely and clear this week too. All without me being in the room! I will be able to retire soon and put my feet up. Maybe it went particularly well because the noisey Year Fives were at Kiwisports in Brightwater all day. LOL

To hear the podcast either click on the link below or go to the school website.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sports Day

It was a lovely day to have some fun and get out into the open. We played many games such as miniball, dodge ball, soccer and so on. We had a really good time.

By Lara and Elliott

Jillian's Rabbit

It was a Monday when we had a fluffy surprise in a box saying Crunchies on it. But instead of a box full of Crunchies it was Jillian's new white fluff ball, in other words a rabbit. Jillian's rabbit's name is Marshmellow and it is a boy.

By Lara and Elliott

Sunday, September 10, 2006

ICT Conference & Learning Your Times Tables

Raewyn and I have been on an all weekend ICT course in Picton. There is so much yet to learn. What do you think of the clever Moturoa animation that I embedded in the blog. We won an award for our blogging skills. Clever us!

Here is a clever little animation we learnt how to do with Kid Pix. What a fun little application Kid Pix is. It can do heaps!

Powered by Castpost

How about this cool computer game for learning your tables???

Click here for a times tables game

Click on the above link and you will be taken to the learning web site. I tried very hard to climb the mountain and when I did I was able to print off this certificate. We DO teach maths basic facts at school!!!!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Moturoa Podcast Link

Our podcasts are now an integral part of the things we do in the classroom along with adding to our blog.

Here is a link to our podcasts.

Moturoa Podcasts

We haven't had much in the way of feedback from our podcasts as I believe some of you are having problems with your slow internet connections.

To make things easier for you to view our work we will give you a CD at the end of term with copies of the highlights of some of our digital learning.

Our Commonwealth Games Powerpoint Show, our Ngarua Caves Digital Stories and the podcasts made so far. If you have Quicktime on your computer you will be able to view the files without the aid of the internet.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Sports Day

On Sunday Jackson V had soccer prize giving. He won the player of the year trophy. He feels very proud about his trophy.

Ruby also had soccer prize giving on Sunday. Everybody in her team got a trophy and a certificate. They had a photo of the team together.

Tyler had a rugby tournament on Saturday. Tyler won a beach rugby ball.

Friday, September 01, 2006


Kakapo reading group read a story about making bubbles so we all had to have a go.

And we published it with Bubbleshare! Cool aye?

I have just been having a bit more of a play with this and if you go into the album you make jigsaw puzzles out of the photos.