Friday, March 09, 2007


In Susa's holiday she went gliding. She is here to take to us through what she did.In my holidays I went gliding. It was so fun. I went up in a glider. A glider is a non- powered plane that glides around.

By Susa

Susa gave a wonderfully detailed oral explantion and description of her adventures up high. It was a pity that I wasn't recording her. It was so good. Well done, Susa.

Miss K


Anonymous said...

That sounds like great fun - well done Susa.
From Mr H and Class 3H

Oscar said...

Did you have a great trip

How high did you go, and how long did it glide for.

Moturoa said...

Way to go Oscar. You made a comment on the blog. Well done.

The boat display at assembly was awesome and your boat started the whole idea.

Great stuff.

Miss K

Anonymous said...

that looks like lots of fun susa i wish I could do that some day