Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Derek Comes To Stay

Another friend of Allanah's, Barry, has written a book called Derek Comes to Stay. It is the story of a pukeko who comes to stay with Pa and Nanna. Listen to the enjoyment in the children's voices as I read the story.

It will be fun to make our own story next term.


6BW Class 2010 said...

Hi Everyone,
I am glad you enjoyed my Derek Comes to Stay story. I have written another 3 Derek adventures. They were all for my grandson, Jake who owns the first Derek pukeko.
Derek is a lot of fun. I have had him on my motorbike, in the cockpit of an aeroplane going to Australia and having a naughty escape adventure with some dogs.
It was lovely hearing you enjoying the story with Miss King.
I do enjoy looking at your super blog too.
Take care over Easter and have a lot of fun.
Barry Williams

Anonymous said...

It is a good book because I thought it was very funny from Summer