Saturday, April 10, 2010

Holiday News

Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday and enjoying the last of the summer. I am so pleased to see see some children continuing to write and share using our Google Docs- great work Summer and Marshall. I paid a house call on Nathaniel and was pleased to see he was keeping his bedroom fairly tidy. I saw Caitlin out and about riding her bike which was nice.

How are you getting on with your basic facts learning. I am looking forward to seeing you all going up a couple of levels after the holiday learning. We have been able to add some more games to the wiki so check it out.

I see that we are soon to reach 49,000 views of our blog. We will have a big class party when it reaches 50,000 views.

What have you been up to in the holidays?



marshall said...

cool I see you have put some new things on the blog and yes I have been pratersing my basick fakts with daniel. marshall

Anonymous said...

What great students you are to be working during the holidays and keeping your rooms tidy. I think I'd like to send my boys over to NZ to learn the same thing!

Mr. Bennett said...

Wow!! Way to go for learning through your holiday! My students from Missouri will be wrapping up the school year in the next 25 days or so. It will be really cool to communicate back and forth when you guys come back to school. Check out our blogs (we're just now learning)at

Mr. Bennett & the Beach Brains