Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sum Dog Idol

Do you want to get better at knowing about maths?

Do you want to see if you succeed against the Idol judges?

Then give Sum Dog Idol a try out!

I played as a guest but if you want to sign up ask your parents if you can and then it will remember your scores and your levels.


Anonymous said...

Great game, hope you don't mind but I am going to put it on our Blog.
Mr Baker

Anonymous said...

hey guys looks like your all having so much fun at school this year. I'm missing all your lovely faces at appleby school. Take care, say hi to all the other classes for me ;) Jess v

lssrm15 said...

My maths class are going to love this game. I have put it on our class blog too.

Mrs Trembath

Anonymous said...

We had a look at this site last night and were really suprised how fun it is. Even i have had a go :)