Sunday, March 07, 2010

Self Assessment

I asked children to think about their feelings about some of the different things we do at school in preparation for Student Led Conferences this week. Some of the comments are well worth sharing...

I like topic because I like to learn about the world. ZS

I do heaps of maths because I love it. DR

I love art because you get to express yourself. GB

I like to read because it makes you smart. SS

Handwriting is perfecto! SS-C

I don't enjoy homework because I would rather be doing something else. HK

I love sharing ideas in all sorts of places. CC

I prefer writing quickly to writing neatly. LW

I am good at listening because I don't talk so much. JM

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teresamcnamara said...

How wonderful to be able to reflect so effectively on one's learning at such a young age. Well done kids!