Monday, March 01, 2010

Balloon Fitness

Today we had a fun energiser and fitness activity all rolled in to one. The idea is that you have to try and pop other people's balloons and at the same time try and protect your own. It was lots of fun with plenty of energy. The thing that impressed Allanah was that everyone played fairly. Come to our assembly on Friday to see the game in action.


Anonymous said...

Dear Moturoa
We are Room 6 from Hampton Hill School. Your game is a cool idea and it looks fun. We would love to try it ourselves. Would you like to have a look at our blog sometime?

Anonymous said...

that is fun

Kenny Chestnut said...

You guys were having a blast! Also I couldn't hold back my laughter once I heard the Bennie Hill show tune in the background lol. Thank you for sharing.
Kenny C (student of Univeristy of South Alabama)

Anonymous said...

thats very fun but its annoying when the balloon cames off your leg Daniel

Anonymous said...

that was so fun i'm glad we did it for asemmbly