Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St Patrick's Day Stories

Today we wrote some stories for St Patrick's Day. Our goal was to write a story with some speech in it and make sure that we got the punctuation right. Here are Sean and Grace's books. Click on the title pages to read the stories.

Sean's St Patrick's Day Story

Grace's St Patrick's Day Story


Anonymous said...

its nice of you to put my story on the blog.


Moturoa said...

Hello Grace

You wrote a great story with lots of speech in it.

Well done.


Moutere said...

Fun stories! Thank goodness you know how to use speech marks. It would be very tricky to read and understand your stories without them. Well done!


Anonymous said...

I very much enjoyed reading your stories. We use speech marks in Australia too. They help us to know who is talking. Great job!

Mrs. Nightingale said...

What program did you use to publish the stories? I like the format of the pages.

Moturoa said...

Thank you for leaving a comment.

We use a web tool called You Publisher.

It is very simple to use.


Anonymous said...

i read your stories and they are excellent santana