Thursday, March 11, 2010

Teachers Learning in the Wairarapa

Today I spent the day in Masterton sharing our blog, audio and learning with teachers all keen to learn and do some of the same things that we are doing. Mini-Dylan sat happily on my computer and helped people when they put their hand up.

Tomorrow we are off to talk to another group in Palmerston North.

What have you been up to. Did you all remember to bring your homework back? Are you having fun with Jodie as your teacher?



NZWaikato said...

While I am sure that your class misses you very much while you are on your travels they will also appreciate the fact that they are being used as role models for so many different schools! Can't wait to see all these new blogs up and running and having them linked to you!
Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.
Safe travels!

Anonymous said...

We are having a great fun time together. Yesterday Summer was sick today we have been doing a poem called dont bring Camels in the Classroom! how have you been? from Summer and Daniel

Makuri School said...

I really enjoyed learning about all the clever things that you do with your class.

Ms S

Richmond Primary School said...

Have a fun weekend up North Allanah, doing what you do best-sharing your ICT wisdom.
Cherryl Eden
Room 13 Richmond Primary

Moturoa said...

Hello Summer and Daniel

Were you sick on Thursday. Poor you. It was fun showing teachers the exciting things we do in Moturoa class.

Today I was in Palmerston North talking to teachers there. It has been a busy couple of days.