Tuesday, March 02, 2010

World Maths Day

You might find this surprising but I have never participated in World Maths Day before now as I have never worked out how but this year I reckon we can do it. First of all here is a little advertisement about it.
The idea is that each child gets a username and password which I have already organised. Then you log into the site and play other eight year olds from all over the world at basic facts.

Last year 432 million maths sums were answered and 38,000 schools participated. This year Moturoa will be one of them.

I hear that it's lots of fun. Click on the screengrab to go to the site, then click the yellow sign in button and you are there.

I have downloaded an app for my iPod Touch so we can even play on that as well.

P.S. If I had known it was going to be this popular I would have done it ages ago. A whole heap of kids wanted to play on through playtime and lunchtime. Raewyn told us that the senior class at Upper Moutere are staying late at school and going to play until midnight tonight. Not many maths books will motivate kids to do that!!!

You can see how happy Tarn is to beat some other child in some other country.


Tamara said...

i never knew there was a world maths day. It's so cool thatb there is. I like maths. Do you's like maths.
Tamara,Room 8,Melville Intermedite, hamilton

Anonymous said...

thats very fun and you never get bored Daniel

Anonymous said...

I was happy that i bet someone as well Shona

Anonymous said...

i love math do you?

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Briana and I wanted you to now that I can make bubble like that to.