Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spelling City

On Friday we started spelling homework. We have been learning with Spelling City at school. To use it we start by going to the site and clicking on add five more words so we have ten words to learn.
Enter in the ten words from your spelling notebook. Check that you wrote them in correctly.
Then click on TEACH ME. It will spell out the letters for you. Click the little arrows to the right of the box to move on to the next word.
After you have spent some time learning the words you can click on PLAY A GAME to take you to a heap of games you can play to help you use the words and remember them.
After you think you know your words really well click on TEST ME and see how well you go.
When you are done click on CHECK ME and it will tell you how many you got right. If you got any wrong go back and learn them again. Well done.

Let us know how you got on in the comments.


Learning Games said...

I'm a SpellingCity fan so I was just surfing around and saw this. Nice job with images. A few things you should know:

Anybody with an email account can set up a teacher or parent account FREE and save their lists.

If you have your words on a computer, you can cutnpaste them in as a batch on

After you take a test on SpellingCity, you have the option of being retested on only the words that you got wrong.

Or you can use any of the ten different free spelling word games with your list!

There are free and fun training videos on SpellingCity which take about 90 seconds to watch.

Suzie Vesper said...

Look at us almost blogging on the same thing at the same time :) I think I heard about this from Lenva originally. Cool resource.

Johnneshia said...

I love this resource. It is the perfect for a class activities when doing stations or having free time. Also kids can use it at home.