Thursday, November 16, 2006

Two new podcasts

We have done a couple of ground-breaking new podcasts this week. The smaller one is created entirely with Kid Pix the popular drawing programme and is about the icons of the Nelson area. And the most recent one is made with real video footage of children in our class. We completed both episodes while the Year Fives were at Athletic Sports.

You may be interested in the graph that tells how many people are listening to our podcasts. If you click on it a better sized version will pop up. The average number of page views is 27 a day with an average of four people subscribing to our podcasts a day. That is quite a few! In the last fourteen days 81 people have subscribed to our podcast from all over the world.

This map tells us where in the world people are who are listening to our podcasts over the last fourteen days.

Not many children have such a global audience for their learning!

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