Friday, November 17, 2006


On the 17 of November the day had come. All the gym people went along and had to show what they had learnt. Finally we were all there at the start. We were all excited. Then the competition started. The girls started off at the bar. My best event was the bar because I had nice straight legs and I did it nice and smoothly. This is me going over the box. It is my birthday today and I am nine years old.

By Gloria


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you
Pen blwydd hapus i chi
say as 'pen bloyth hapis ee hhee'
Happy Birthday for Friday from everyone in class 3H we will try to record our birthday song on Monday if sir remembers.
Class 3H
We have been doing our B.A.G.A. gymnastics awards with Mr Gannon on a Wednesday we will post some pictures of us next week.

rae said...

Great flight gloria!
I enjoyed watching the gymnastics. It looked like you wee all having a great time!