Thursday, November 09, 2006

Fireworks art

Wow!!! What great Guy Fawkes artwork we've created!! For poetry on Monday we had a poem about fireworks and we made some artwork about it.

To make them all you need to do is get a white piece of A4 computer paper, colour all of it in with different colours and paint all of it black.

Then wait until it's dry and scratch away some of the black paint to make a shape like a fireworks display.

Then you will have your very own picture of a fireworks display!!!

By Jamie & Braden


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed doing them!!!!

by jess

Mr O. said...

Those firework pictures look amazing! That's a great idea that I'll use with my class next year!

Mr O.

Moturoa said...

We were wondering where Mr O comes from. We think he might be a teacher in Scotland becasue the school he is linked with is in Scotland!!!