Monday, November 27, 2006

Cuddly Kiwi Leaves for Wales

Shanac was very emotional when Cuddly Kiwi left for Wales. We pierced Kiwis toe and put a pin with the Wales and the New Zealand flags on it.

The three people that put a post on the Playground Blog got to go out for lunch at Subway. They were Georgia, Elliott and Jessica. Here is Elliott scoffing his roll down.

This is Georgia handing the parcel over at the Post Office. Travel safely little kiwi and enjoy your big overseas experience.

By Georgia and Gloria


Anonymous said...

Hi Moturoa,
We know how you feel sending kiwi - we got quite attached to the 2 teddies before we sent them to you, we promise to look after kiwi ( I hope he has packed plenty of warm clothes!!!!) and give him a good traditional 'welsh christmas'. Well done to those who got their meal for blog posting from home : )
Class 3H

Anonymous said...

It is a pitty to see travelling ted go after his adventures at Rabbit Island,Stoneridge Cafe,Tahuna and lot's more places.

Sam J

Moturoa said...

It was the little kiwi who left for his overseas holiday. Both Teds are still with us in NZ. Tiny Ted went home in the weekend with Jessica. Travelling Ted is still in Moturoa being passed around.

Anonymous said...

I was sad when he left.

Emily O'C