Friday, November 10, 2006

Cefn Fforest Podcast Link School

Cefn Fforest is a school in Wales that we have linked to with our podcasting. Their class, 3H, has sent us some photos and letters introducing themselves as well as a Welsh Teddy for us to share in the classroom and a geocache Travelling Ted that we are taking photos of as he has adventures in Nelson. When it has visited all of the places in Nelson that we want to send it to we will send it on to another school in another part of the world. We will still be able to track it as there is a web site where we can follow its progress because it is wearing an electronic tracking number.

Click here to see the geocache website

Click here to see Welsh 3H class blog

Here is a picture of Jamie opening the package from Wales.Here is a photo of Jamie discovering the CD from Cefn Fforest School in Wales. They are the school that we met on-line when we were podacsting. They podcast as well.
This is Ruby holding the travel bug. We are going to follow this travel bug as it goes to all of the countries around the world. We will send it on its way after it has had a look around our school and Nelson.
By Ruby & Brittany


Anonymous said...

Hi Ruby and Brittany thanks very much for your article - have you seen our blog at where we ahve you photo's as well
Mr H Class 3H

Anonymous said...

Both of them r sooooooooooooooo
soft and cuddley!!!!!!!!!!!
By jess

Anonymous said...

My penpal is ellie

By jess

Anonymous said...

Have fun with them Jess - I will tell Ellie on Monday that you are her penpal. ps Travelling Ted was so cuddly the children did not really want to send him!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Travling Ted shares a bond with Ruby from Dino

Moturoa Children said...

My pen pall is Harry from Dino