Friday, November 03, 2006

Suter Art Gallery

We had a class trip to the Art Gallery to study the works of Nelson artist, Jane Evans.

Brittany is at the Suter Art Gallery. She was working hard at sketching her picture of a girl.

Tyler is painting a beautiful painting of himself playing stiff candle. He is running along fast.

Jamie is drawing a picture in the Suter Art Gallery. He is using his skill.

After we went to the art gallery we walked through town to the Visitors' Centre. Fynn is posing by this bone at the iSite Visitors' Centre.

By Jackson P and Fynn


Anonymous said...

It was soooooooo fun
By Jessica
(really really fun)

Anonymous said...

Pleased that you liked it. I am looking forward to doing some more art like Esther showed us at the Art Gallery. Miss K

Anonymous said...

me again
I enjoyed doing the water coulor

By jess