Monday, November 27, 2006

Lots of fun with Tiny Ted

In the weekend Jessica took Tiny Ted home to have fun!!!!
When we got home my dad was watching the rugby and Tiny Ted wanted to watch it too because what do you know? It was Wales v All Blacks.
How cool is that!!!
After the game had finished, it was the Santa Parade
Tiny Ted had lots of fun watching angels, presents and the big man himself- Santa.
The day began to get really exciting because I had my dancing concert.
Check me with my pink wig on and fake eye lashes with my groovy dress.
Don't I look weird!!!!!!!

Then we went to the A&P show. Tiny Ted just had to go on the ferris wheel.
We had a fun time. It was scary being so high up. It was a good job Jessica was with me to keep me company.

By Jessica and Tiny Ted

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Moturoa said...

You were very brave. A ferris wheel can be a scary place! Miss K