Sunday, November 12, 2006

365 Days of Blogging

On this day one year ago I started this blog as a way of recording some of the highlights of our days in Moturoa Classroom at Appleby School. Since then it has grown and become much more than a diary of events.

The addition of class monitors to blog each week has meant that the children have an audience for their photography and independent skills are improving. And to celebrate now they can play in the
Moturoa Playground Blog. In this blog children can add their own posts to the blog and experiment with posting from home as they have been given the usernames and passwords. If your child decides to do this please keep an eye on them.

Hopefully the blog has now become more of a resource centre for safe internet activity and a link to other information. I know that many more people follow the blog than make comments but comments are always appreciated.

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