Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Travelling Ted's adventures

Travelling Ted is learning lots on the computers and having lots of fun.

Last night on the fourteenth of November Lara took the camera home . She took pictures of her cute little ducklings.The mother of the ducklings is a Musckivie duck but we're not sure what type the ducklings are. The ducklings are about one and a half weeks old. The ducklings are really cute. By Sam J and Lara


Anonymous said...

To lara
Your ducklings look so soft and cuddley

From Jessica

Anonymous said...

Ted must be a very smart teddy to be able to go on the laptop. Ruby

Anonymous said...

He certainly looks very smart sitting there watching what's going on...

Lara those ducklings are absolutley beautiful - Mr Harrington is about to print out your pictures for our display board - tell Gloria please that everyone loved the pictures of 'Lucky' Gloria's horse. We think that Tiny Ted is having wonderful time judging by the pictures - are you enjoying his visit too ??
Class 3H Cefn Fforest

Anonymous said...

They are so cute! Have you named them yet? Jillian