Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Nick comes to Appleby!!!

Nick is a brass player that came all the way from England to teach primary students in the Nelson region. You can hire intruments from him if you can't afford to buy them.
He plays all kinds of brass instruments including the trombone, tuba, cornet and heaps more!!!!
Anyone wanting to learn is in for a really fun and exciting time, Nick's an awesome teacher to learn with!!!

Note to parents, if your child is playing the tuba be warned it can be very loud!!!

By Jamie & Nathan.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure if we had more time in our week we'd love to learn the tuba. Does anyone in your class play a brass instrument?

Ann W

Anonymous said...

Jessica is going to have a go at learning the cornet. Good on her. Miss K

Anonymous said...

thanks miss k,
I hope I do well.

by jess

Anonymous said...

nick is very good at playing from Dino