Friday, December 11, 2009

Our Favourite Bits

Luke Sumich, the principal of Summerlands School challenged us to think of a list of the things that we are particularly proud of this year and want to share. Our blog is a good way to share that list.

Click on the photo to take you to the blog post. Here is what we thought....

Caleb and Tullamore really liked their Science Fair Presentation because they got to present about their favourite thing- soccer, soccer, soccer.

Liam liked our eeling on camp because he likes trapping animals and seeing if he has caught anything.

Carl was proud that Tyler did so well at BMX.

Bella liked her post with the puppies because it got 19 comments.

Emily's favourite was her Skype call to Melville Intermediate to learn her mihi. She and Georgia had lots of fun learning and making scissors at the screen. I think she liked me being a little bit silly as well.

Hugo liked his photo with Moko because it makes a great memory of him. When Moko is gone Hugo will always have this memory of him.

Georgia liked her I Statement video because she thought it was hilarious. It makes me laugh as well. You wouldn't want to upset Georgia!

Amy liked the disco night just because it was so much fun.

Nadia liked this post of abseiling on camp because it reminded her about the awesome time she had on camp.

George and Jake liked it when we did 'Moturoa's Got Talent' and George did a fabulous magic trick.

Kiera was proud of her work visualising her reading.

Skye was proud of her achievements in gymnastics.

Alex liked it that she got her photo in the paper.

Maisie was so proud of the quilt her Nana made for her. It really is magnificent.

Of course there is so many more that we could add. One of my favourites is Georgia's speeches Voicethread. The little 'oh dear' towards the end makes me laugh every single time I listen.

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Podgorani said...

Brilliant stuff this is a celebration of teamwork and achievement. You guys have had a great year and done so much without even knowing it was work.