Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Year Six Leavers' Assembly

Tonight was our final assembly for Appleby School and Miriam and the band played a set for us. You might remember way back in November 2007 when Miriam first sung for us as a homework task. She was a bit shy to sing in front of an audience so she gave us a CD with her singing on it. That post received 15 comments from her new fans from around the globe. Those comments gave her the boost she needed to sing in front of her peers. It is fabulous to see how much more confidence she has now to share her talent. Thanks Miriam. You are a star.

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Ann Oro said...

Congratulations to all on the year end assembly. I clicked on the link to the 2007 post and remembered being amazed at Miriam's voice. Now, two years later, I can see the happy look in her eye on this video. It's a pleasure to have another opportunity to hear her sing. Thank you for sharing the clip!