Friday, June 05, 2009

Moturoa's Got Talent

This week it is Moturoa's assembly and we showed the school that Moturoa has got talent. We had juggling, balancing, Jump Jam, gymnastics, poetry, keyboard, dancing, guitar, drumming, body piercing and even arm farting to music.

George's magic trick was a bit hard for the whole school to see so we put it on the blog to share. We were amazed.


Anonymous said...

George's magic trick and the rest of the Moturoa's Got Talent production was great fun to watch. Mr A

Anonymous said...

wow great trick let us know how to do this trick

Moutere said...

Hey cool trick George!
Maybe you could figure out how to make lots of coins appear???? You could become very rich with a trick like that! I suspect it might be quite difficult to master though.


Anonymous said...

I know how to do that.


Moturoa said...

Hello Bella

You must be sick of being at home now. Good to see that you are still following along with our blog from home.

Hope you get better soon and can come back to school.


NZWaikato said...

George - I have to show this in class tomorrow the students will love it! So much packed into such a short video but well done! Very entertaining!
Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton.