Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

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Merry Christmas people. I trust you had a great time with family, friends, food and fun. You can share your Christmas stories in the comments.


Jake said...

Miss king my family had a great christmas but right before xmas we were all sick except for dad. Yesterday dad and I went pig hunting and I stuck it it would be a really good pig to eat because it looked like it had been growen on a farm.On new years eve we are going to go to our friends and have a barbie. At the 10th of jan we are going on holiday to hawkes bay .

Moturoa said...

Oh no- I hope that Dad managed to look after you all. He will be busy carving up the pig and cooking it on the BBQ.

The Hawkes Bay is a great place for a holiday.

Thanks for sharing your news.