Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Funny Clown

The circus of Oz! Alex and Maisie went to the circus of Oz. First we went to the Smugglers Cafe in Tahunanui. Inside there was a big table with a fire around it and guarded with rocks. At the cafe Alex and Maisie had chicken fingers and for pudding we had a ice cream sundae. It was yum. Then we were off and away to wherever we were going to the surprise. At the surprise we saw a clown on stilts. Then we just went to the door and saw a sign saying Circus of Oz. We went inside we got our tickets and went to find our seats. We saw Hugo. Then it started. Every one was silent and the lights went dim. It was magnificent.


Kieran's blog (beta) said...

I know him

Anonymous said...

I wish I was their