Wednesday, May 06, 2009

'I' Statements

As part of our learning about Kia Kaha- standing up for ourselves and being strong- we have been practising 'I' statements.

You say an 'I' statement when someone has upset you, hurt your feelings or bullied you.

You stand up tall and strong, look at the other person and tell them how you feel, why you are feeling that way and what you want them to do.

"I feel upset when you push in front of me because I was here first. I want you to go to the back of the line."

To say an 'I' statement you go.....

I feel _____________ when you _______________ because _______. I want you to ____________ .

We enjoyed our role plays to show you how to say 'I' statements. Try it for yourself. Let us know how it goes for you.


Louisa Guest said...

Well done kids. You did some great acting. My class will be able to practise their own "I" statements when they watch your videos. From Mrs Guest, Adelaide

Anonymous said...

Georgia sound's like a teacher.
It made me laugh.


Room 5 Woodville School said...

We try to use I statements in our class, but sometimes we forget. This reminded us how to do it.

Wm Chamberlain said...

I like how you teach conflict resolution in your class. We don't do that in my school, but I can see the value in it. It allows someone a way to express their feelings so the other person can understand.
Mr. C

John Strange said...

Great job! These were fun to watch as well as educational. I am leaving the United States to go to France in about an hour. I am sure there will be lots of lines. Now I know what to do if someone tries to get in front of me in the line.

Great job!

Anonymous said...

I like the way you asserted yourself Georgia....your friend Bella.

Anonymous said...

really good acting


Anonymous said...

I like the videos

Anonymous said...

u are really good at acting

Greg Stevens said...

My class loves this set of videos. Fascinating, reassuring, encouraging of good behavior. Makes us want to do our own vidoes. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I think you guys have really good acting. I really like it.

Anonymous said...

I think that you guys have really good acting.

Anonymous said...


Liam said...

Good job! My class has done activities like theese. I have noticed that you kids understand the concept of Second Step.

Derrick said...

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bond said...

hey guys

i really like the mini vids they explane a lot to other people who are mean so they know what to do in future

cheekymonkey said...

Hi everyone,

I think all your I statments were excellant.They were all soooooooo! good that i couldn't pick the best one.I have learnt alot from everyone.

From cheekymonkey

Surfachick said...

well done that was Great!!!!!!!
you did some really good acting
you spoke really well, you all spoke clearly and loudly and everyone could her you from the computer.

Thanks for sharing that with everyone i think everyone would like that.

From Surfachick

P.S Well Done!!!!!
and please come and vist me at my blog

first aid kit said...

Well done!!! That was great, now when ever I get bullied I’ll know what to do. You spoke loudly and clearly so I could hear you. You seem like extremely happy and healthy class. Once again well done it was great!!

From first aid kit :)

Kit Kat said...

You did a great job on the blog. I like the bully videos, They were really good
From Kit Kat

fluffy said...

hey what up i loved you movies about how you feel when people hert your feelings its realy great how you put them on here to she how to be around people i liked it how you all used nice cear voices my favourite one was the one were you were doing a roll play of some on pushing infront of the line the girl used a nice loud voice.

i loved all of them all though!

i hope you do more about things too that would me fantastic!

from fluffy!
P.S go to this website

Cherry berry said...

You did great work on your blog like the bully videos.

P.S Fantastic work

From Cherry Berry

Kit Kat said...

You did a great job on the blog. I like the bully videos, They were really good
From Kit Kat PS. fantastic job

adelaide united said...


I really enjoyed your little skit that you did. You all spoke very clearly and you all spoke with a convincing voice. plaese vist our website on

By adelaide united

billabong said...

Hey kids,
My name is billabong and i think you did a fantastic movie making! I see you were trying to teach people to stand up for them selfs and to teach people not to boss people around! My FAVOURITE one was when a girl was at the front of the line and a boy wanted to be at the frount of the line and the girl yelled at him and she was and he went to the back of the line and she was still at the front of the line! I hope you keep up the amazing and fantastic work!
From you new friendly friend billabong

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And my classes website is

kit kat said...

You did a great job on the blog. I like the bully videos, They were really good
From Kit Kat PS. fantastic job

Mango said...

Hi I'm Mango from Adelaide in Australia.
I am in year 5.
I thought your videos were great. My favourite one was when the boy push in the line.

from Mango!!!

Cheerleader said...

hey guys,

Your Vidoes are really cool! The way i looked at it i think what your trying to say is stand up for self. People at my school would think you guy were great actreses and actors. my favourite one was the one where you had the girl and the boy at the front of the line. I think it dosent matter about whos at the front of the line but you when you get older you will understand!!! i think you should keep up the realy good work and you shold make some more but just not about bulling about thing like why is your school really good.

maybe your class can have a look at mine and my classes the web adress is cheak out kids in our class have there own blogs so have a look and leave us comments on maybe our 5 life lesson or maybve what do you thik would have been worst have a good look in our folders and have a really good look at Cheerleaders folder because thats me and have a good look and leave some comments!!!

From you bnew bloging friend Cheerleader!!

Anna said...

Good job on the videos! I think this is a great way to stop bullying and other problems we have in school. Keep up the good work and I am sure more kids will be convinced!

Ashley said...

Wow, I am amazed at how much you, children know about respect. I am very proud in how you are trying to show the world how to act upon each other in each of these situations. I hope that we can all fight against bullying every day towards each other. If you would like to visit my class' webpage about other ways to improve our world, please visit:

Student said...

THose are really good ways to stop bullying.

Noah W.

Sara said...

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Mrs. Smith said...

Our class in Tucson, Arizona thinks your videos are great. It is important to learn how to communicate and stand up to bullies. Great job!
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gaby said...

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